IMG_0049If a musical adventure is in your future, you could not find a better guide and mentor than Cobus du Toit. I’m a physics professor and I started taking flute lessons three years ago. I’ve studied other instruments in the past and have been exposed to many music teachers, including those with whom my children studied. Cobus is just an amazing teacher. He leads by example, always engaged, always bringing new ideas to the student, and he always has 100 ways to make a musical idea more beautiful or compelling. He is also very broad, with interests and skills in flute, voice, piano, and many different musical styles.
John Price
Adult Amateur


With humor , grace and seemingly endless energy, Cobus has essentially taught me how to play the flute. I made a career of playing in US military bands, but I never played as well then as I do now. Though, at 70, I will never play as well as he does, our lessons have enabled me to better understand the flute and the music I perform, and his encouragement has made our ongoing review of the literature a pleasure I hope to enjoy for many years.
David N. Hastings, SFC, USAR, Ret.


Flute is life! Those were the words that Cobus said to me at my first lesson. Over the last five years, I have come to appreciate the wisdom of those words. I have watched, and listened, to the journey of mastery all of us, young and old, have taken as a result of Cobus’ gift of teaching as well as his example of his own hard work resulting in outstanding performances. Cobus is the master of meeting you where you are and then leading your forward with humor and knowledge. I started vaguely remembering fingerings and this weekend am playing my own recital for friends and family. His love of teaching inspires all of us to be the best students and his celebration of our progress, at whatever level, is a true gift that I never stop appreciating.

Flute is Life
my flute teacher said during my first lesson,
“flute is life” and I laughed at the idea of how
playing a long tube with holes could represent life
until I played this long tube with holes and
understood its sensitivity to every mood, every
tension, the mood and rhythm of every day,
how power, aggression or fear
showed up in my sound, how fighting
against did not result in victory, how
letting go was the answer to our search
for happiness, a rich and rewarding life.
Jenny Devaud
Adult Amateur