After the Paris attacks in November 2015 I felt a strong calling to bring socially conscious art into the world. The ‘We Bring Flowers’ project is a two year long journey commissioning composers to write works for flute and piano that either revolt against or courageously confront the violence that is prevalent in modern society.

I was inspired after hearing a conversation between a father and his son following the Paris attacks. The toddler was understandably scared of what happened close to his home and was telling the reporter that his whole family would have to leave Paris. As people were putting down flowers for the victims, the father explained that flowers were more powerful than guns and that the flowers were there to protect them. The poise and courage that the father displayed will stay with me forever.

Over the next two years I will commission a complete recital of socially conscious works. The culmination of these commissions will be an East Coast tour which includes a Carnegie Hall recital in New York City in early Fall of 2019.

We Bring Flowers